Zoo Boom

Join the ultimate puzzle game adventure and match cute animal cubes! The gameplay is simple: just tap at least two animals of the same color to collect them for your zoo and complete all tasks to progress. If you match multiple creatures of the same type, you can create special boosters: bees buzz vertically or horizontally though your rows, while the adorable skunks repel everyone within a radius as soon as they use their stinky spray. Try to combine those specials for huge booms and blast your way through 100 challenging levels! Win stars to open treasure chests which give you helpful rewards and make sure to check back every day for your daily gift. The further you progress, the more tricky the challenges will get: free animals from cages which are too tiny, destroy boxes and remove poisonous mushrooms - there's always stuff to do in your zoo! In case you are stuck and can't complete the needed tasks, simply buy additional boosters in the shop and use them in the level. Can you earn all stars in Zoo Boom?

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Space Hamster

Space Hamster


In Space Hamster we control a little hamster in a spaceship in the universe. We use the "mouse buttons" or the "fingers"...

Easy Joe

Easy Joe


Joe wants to see the world. Help him out by clicking on different objects in the environment.

#point and click #adventure
Stickman Fighter Epic Battle

Stickman Fighter Epic Battle


Fight your opponents and have no mercy with them. To win, you must kill them all. Care! Each enemy has their skills, you...

#skill #fighting #fight
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