Wabbit Mountain Madness

Wabbit Mountain Madness is an amazing game appeared on our site, a game where you will have a great challenge to face with Bug Bunny, our hero from Wabbit. In this exciting game appeared on our site you need the arrows to move with Bugs Bunny on the mountain. Your goal is to reach the bottom of the mountain with the rabbit. It is not simple at all because on the mountain are a lot of traps for the bunny and if you touch them you will lose one life. You can see your score and the lives at the top of the screen. You can use the arrows to go down on the mountain with the bunny. You can use the left and right arrows in this game. Be careful and do your best to get a big score if you want to enter in the top of the best players in the world. Give us a like if you enjoyed this game with Wabbit. In the game if you lose your live you have to restart the game. Do not give up, try again and learn from your mistakes because only in this way you can help Bugs Bunny reach the finish line successfully. Also you can leave a comment at the game with your opinion about Wabbit, the new Boomerang series which has in foreground Bugs Bunny. Try again and again until you make it.

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