Sea Mahjong

Only in the virtual world, you can dive into the underwater Neptune ownership and feel as comfortable as at the surface. But in the game Sea Mahjong you will not have to dive for a long time to soak in the water, all events will take place over the surface of the water. With the request for help addressed to you little purple octopus. He began to notice that the sun's rays have almost ceased to penetrate the water column and do not reach the bottom, where they live sea creatures. Without the sun, do not grow marine plants and corals, do not appear in the light of small fish. It turned out that the water suddenly came from a strange structure made of tiles with images of marine theme. This structure came from outer space and is controlled automatically. Its purpose is not clear, but the damage is already clearly felt, so she asks you to deliver octopus sea inhabitants in Sea Mahjong against intruders. Destroy the pyramid can be a simple way - to understand it, removing two of the same brick on the edges of buildings. You can collect not only exactly the same pair, but identical, for example, two crystal albeit different color. If you do not see the available moves, use the hurricane for mixing or stone hammer that will break the two pairs of randomly selected tiles. Remember the time in the game Sea Mahjong, it is not unlimited.

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