Dagru's World

Classic game with total feel of arcade gaming, your thumb will twitch to play this platform game. Game is based on story of Viking World. This journey will take you through various Adventures like jungle run, explore desert, caves and lurk in night. It gives classic platformer gameplay experience. One day when Dagru was returning home from journey of Viking World he lost all of his coins on the way. Now he needs to find all of his coins. So Dagru decided to go on an adventure of Viking World filled with dengerous creatures and action. To find his all lost coins Dagru decided to explore World of Vikings. To do that he need your help. Help him run and jump in this adventure, take out all enemies in a way and collect all coins he lost. Be careful, though. This place is full of beasts and monsters, and they'll do everything so they can catch you and have a feast. Features : + Classic platformer gameplay + 25 Unique levels + Cute and beatiful graphics + Simple and intuitive controls + Ability to double jump + Collect score by taking out enemies So get your beard and moustache ready for this new adventure in Dagru’s world.

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