Bullet Rush Online

It's time for fun, a brave cadet is called to fight the forces of evil that took control of the barracks facilities !! Have fun with this new game Bullet Rush Online here at kiz10.com you can play and enjoy this action game totally free. The game has more than 10 surprising levels, move, bet and shoot the robotic creatures that aim to find you and eliminate you each level that your enemies will multiply and obstacles will increase, use your special abilities only when necessary and try to get there to the helipad to continue with the next challenge. The objective of the game is to complete all the levels, aim and shoot all the enemies in your way, many take care that they do not grab you because they will eliminate you without thinking for a second. Running through all the corridors, avoid being caught circling and shoot as many as you can to get to safety. Move the main character to aim and shoot, run through the corridors to avoid being grabbed and eliminated. Try to reach the goal in each level accumulate and improve your score.

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